Speakers EWEV Miami 2011

CEO - Sandra Ekpenyong of EWEV

Kay Mullin “Overcoming Tragedy through forgiveness” (Domestic Abuse- Life Issues)

Mother, Life-Coach and Motivational Speaker; the mother of two who learned how to forgive after her husband after her set her on fire. Forgiveness does not mean that the person does not face justice but means that you begin to learn how move forward and live your life.

Octavia McDougal “The Power of Philanthropy” (Why we must give back to our communities- Non Profit)

The Founder of “The McDougal Family Foundation” along with her brother who plays for the NFL, she seeks to teach why community giving is one of the most fulfilling things that a person can do and why more people should give back!

Sherly “Shedy” Williams “HIV Awareness and Sexuality” (Sexual choices that we make – Health)

It has been proven that the domestic abuse increases the likelihood for the transmission of HIV disease which is taking out women from ages 24-50 in great numbers especially minorities Come and learn how to empower yourself by making the right choices so that you can live a long and fulfilling life!

Tiffany Parker “Body Image, Self Esteem and Relationships” (Life Issues)

The CEO of Drama Free Tea and Life Coach, Tiffany is about empowering your life by making the right choices that eliminates drama, heartache and dysfunction. She is out to teach the ‘DRAMAHOLICS’ that there is life after drama!

Miranda Soto/Gavel Babble

Have you heard of ‘Oprah’? Of course you have! Well, Miranda has been christened the Oprah of Law and loving it! Come and learn about legal advice that can save you millions and get you out of tricky situations. And why every woman needs one good lawyer!

Ivy Larson “Clean Cuisine” (Healthy Food leads to healthy bodies – teaching you how to eat RIGHT)

Ivy has been featured in Time Magazine, Fitness, Life and Style, Get Act as well as been on CNN, Good Morning America to name a few. She has taken Florida by storm; come and learn how to eat right and keep your body tight! She is a regular contributor to GoodBite and is a fitness expert as well.

Iamsy Wurld; “Lupus- Women Suffering in Silence” (Women’s Health Issues)

Do you realize that anyone can get lupus? But did you know that 9 out of 10 people who get it are women? And African- American women are 3 times more likely to get lupus than white women? Lupus can be contracted during the ages of 15- 45 years of age and especially children bearing ages. Come and learn about lupus and what to do when you or a loved one has this disease.

Anna Aguilar “The REAL housewife” (Building a successful home!)

Will the real housewives stand up? No… not Atlanta! Come and learn now to build a healthy home and family and how being a ‘real’ housewife can be fulfilling when used positively!

Sandra Ekpenyong “How women should USE their voices positively to make an impact” (Building healthy women)

Author, minister, psalmist and the Founder of EWEV aims to teaching women how to use their voices and build a team of sisterhood that can influence the 21st century and the next generation of young women. She has several churches in West Africa and authored 'Woman, you have a voice', 'Unlocking the Deborah in you, the traits of female leadership' 'Biblical Dysfunctional Families that made it' and is releasing in June 2011 'Oh Lord.... Who have I married !!!' (men and women).